WHITEPAPER: 802.11ai Fast Initial Link Setup

FILS cover.png

802.11ai Fast Initial Link Setup

Learn How FILS Improves Scalability in High Density / High Mobility Environments

7SIGNAL is pleased to provide you with this highly educational whitepaper featuring the great benefits of the 802.11ai protocol features in Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity TM certification program.

Whether you're new to the space or a Certified Wireless Network Expert, if you love Wi-Fi...then you NEED to read this.

Table of Contents:

  • What Does FILS Do?
  • What Problem Does FILS Address?
  • Fast Initial Link Setup Explained
  • Network Discovery - An Achilles Heel of Wi-Fi
  • Authentication and Association
  • DHCP and IP Address Setup
  • How Does FILS Impact the Connection Experience?
  • How Does FILS Impact Capacity and Performance?
  • Is FILS as Secure as WPA2?
  • Implementation
  • New Wi-Fi Alliance Certification
  • Summary