List Locations

Where it asks for ‘Address’ please include street number and name, city, state/region, and postal/zip code. More detail on the geo-location process is below. 

  • 7SIGNAL puts a street address into the system and draws a radius around it.
  • Mobile Eye sends scan data, which consists of SSIDs and BSSIDs, from the OS to our cloud.
  • We put this data through the Google Geo-Location API to locate the computer based on Google's database of SSIDs, BSSIDs, cell tower information, etc.
  • If Google recognizes this information, it returns to us a lat/long. If it falls inside the radius, then we mark the location. If outside the radius, then it will return “unknown location.”
  • 7SIGNAL has the ability to adjust the size of the radius for each location provided.

If you have a long list of locations, please email it to Support in spreadsheet form for bulk insert. Three columns: name, full address, type.