Configuring Captive Portal

In some cases, 7SIGNAL has the ability to 'program' a Sapphire Eye to pass through your guest network captive portal. However, its success depends upon the complexity of your portal.

To create a captive portal key, 7SIGNAL requires a couple things.

  • A copy of the page HTML, which can be obtained by right-clicking the captive portal page, selecting "View page source" and then saving it as a text file.
  • A browser log file (.har) that records the steps of the sign on process.
  • Username and password (if required).

Sample steps for obtaining the .har file using Chrome browser are below...

  • Starting Chrome, go to your captive portal page and press F12 to open 'Developer Tools'
  • Select the "Network" menu at the top
  • Ensure the 'record' button is red, click the 'clear' button
  • Also check the 'Preserve log' box
Har file capture
  • Now, take the steps to pass through the captive portal and associate to your network
  • After successfully getting on to the Wi-Fi network, right-click into the body of log
  • Select 'Save all as HAR with content' at the bottom of the menu
  • Then email the page source file, the .har file, and any username/password information to 7SIGNAL Support.

Save har file