Where to Place

  • Areas where Wi-Fi is mission critical and should be monitored 24×7
  • Remote locations that are time consuming to reach in-person
  • Busy areas with high user density and traffic
  • Multi-floor buildings, at least one Eye per floor and at least one Eye per VLAN / switch per floor
  • Areas where users often complain about poorly performing Wi-Fi
  • If you need assistance on where to place, let us know, we’re here to help!

Typical Coverage

The coverage radius of a Sapphire Eye 2200/6200 is approximately 20m/65ft in an office space with walls and furniture, 45m/150ft in an open space. Keep in mind that the Sapphire Eye RSSI is 5-7 dB higher than a normal laptop’s Wi-Fi antenna.  The Sapphire Eye 250 has a similar RSSI to that of a laptop.

Environment Density of AP’s 1 Sapphire Eye 250 unit for every… 1 Sapphire Eye 2200/6200 unit for every…
Warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, cafes, manufacturing facilities Low 1-2 access points  3-4 access points
Office environments, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls Medium 2-3 access points 4-6 access points
Auditoriums, stadiums, libraries, concert halls, airports, convention centers High 3-4 access points 6-8 access points

Installation Best Practices

  • Use PoE 802.3af to power up the Sapphire Eye, or an external power adapter if OTA (over-the-air) mode will be used.
  • Place in the most centralized location to maximize the coverage of one Eye.
  • Sapphire Eye 2200/6200 units are best mounted to the ceiling using the mounting brackets provided. They may also be placed on top of furniture or shelves if a ceiling mount is not possible.
  • Sapphire Eye 250 units are best to install at human elevation, for example under seats, on shelves, under tables or on the wall.
  • If possible, use site survey results to determine best locations for Sapphire Eyes to maximize coverage.
  • Avoid metallic surfaces when installing Sapphire Eyes. Minimum recommended distance from a metal structure is 2m/6ft.
  • Minimum distance from an AP is at least 1m/3ft.
  • For areas with high ceilings (more than 5 meters/15 feet), install Sapphire Eyes to same elevation as APs, or slightly below if possible.
  • Do not rotate the Eyes after the installation.
  • Use NEMA enclosures if environmental aspects require it. Please note that these are custom products.

Example of Sapphire Eye Placement

5 Sapphire Eye 2200 units (ceiling mount) covering 22 AP’s at university student center.