Setup Wizard

Login to the Configurator, Click Tools > Setup Wizard and select all Sapphire Eyes from the lists that you wish to configure. If your Sapphire Eyes do not appear in the list, then a few things might be wrong…

  • Ports 7799 and 7800 are blocked by your firewall.
  • DNS port 53 and is blocked by your firewall.
  • The Sapphire Eye isn’t plugged into a Power over Ethernet port.

Watch this video to see the whole process…from receiving your Sapphire Eye to starting automated testing. When you get the part about setting up Sonar, refer to this article.



The setup wizard is designed to identify all access points at -65dBm or better (this is generally 4 to 6 APs). Have your network keys handy.

Shorter duty-cycles lead to more responsive test results. Sapphire Eye duty-cycle management:
  • Do not configure more that 6 APs per Sapphire Eye
  • Try to limit monitoring to no more than 4 SSIDs
  • Consider whether monitoring 2.4GHz network is necessary