Sonar Endpoint

Whether you use Sapphire Eye or Mobile Eye, Sonar by 7SIGNAL is a test endpoint for active tests, like Throughput, Packet Loss, and Jitter. You can install Sonars in multiple locations to get application performance results from both wireless and wired networks across your Enterprise. Sonar software may be installed on a dedicated server or virtual machine. 

Required Ports and Protocols

  • UDP 9999
  • UDP 50000 to 50300
  • TCP 80
  • TCP 443
  • ICMP

Cloud Sonars

7SIGNAL Sonar endpoints in the cloud are available to 7SIGNAL customers only. Depending upon your location in the world, you can select the appropriate Sonar. Below is a list.

FQDN Location New Jersey, US New York, US Atlanta, US Chicago, US San Francisco, US Frankfurt, DE London, GB Singapore

Installing the Docker® Container

It’s the simplest way to get Sonar up and running. 

  • Go to or and download the GUI frontend for the operating system of the server/computer that will run the Sonar.
  • Once installed on the server, search for the "sevensignal" Docker container and "pull" the latest version. When finished, press the ESC key to close the window.

  • Next, open a CMD or Terminal window, and using the the command line, type...
docker run --rm -p 80:80 -p 50000-50300:50000-50300/udp sevensignal/sonar
  • Close your CMD/Terminal window. 
  • You should see your Sonar Docker container running.
  • Keep with window open or minimize the GUI so that it continues running.

Customize When Running

Environment variables can be passed to the container when running. These will modify the configuration (for that run) for end-user customization:

MAX_CLIENTS - Default: 300 - Configures the maximum number of clients which can concurrently connect to the sonar

MOS_PORT_START - Default: 50000 - Configures the starting port for MOS testing

MOS_PORT_SIZE - Default: 100 - Configures the number of ports that will be allocated. Consider adding 300 ports for larger deployments.

These can be passed as “environment” variables to the container when running:


Run with an alternate port:

docker run -p 8000:80 -p 50000-50100:50000-50100/udp sevensignal/sonar

Run with a higher max client size:

docker run -e MAX_CLIENTS=600 -p 80:80 -p 50000-50100:50000-50100/udp sevensignal/sonar

Run with higher max client size and MOS Ports

docker run -e MAX_CLIENTS=600 -e MOS_PORT_SIZE=600 -p 80:80 -p 50000-50600:50000-50600/udp sevensignal/sonar

Kill a running container:

docker ps (to list containers) and docker kill <container id>


CentOS 7 is end of life in June of 2024. As a result, 7SIGNAL will no longer support VM deployments, and the associated instructions will be removed.

We strongly advise you to transition to a Docker® environment and install 7SIGNAL's Sonar as a Docker container. 

For more information on the benefits of Docker, refer to Docker's online documentation: