Sapphire Eye Will Not Come Online

  • Verify that the Sapphire Eye is connected to the network, that the LED is blinking blue (model 2100)
  • Verify that it can get an IP address from the DHCP server
  • Verify that the 7SIGNAL Redirector port TCP/UDP 53 is open and that is allowed
  • Verify that TCP management connection ports 7799 and 7800 between the Eye and the cloud are open

Sapphire Eye Lost Its IP Address

  1. Locate the Sapphire Eye reset button on the side of the unit, near antenna 5
  2. Push and hold the button for approximately 30 seconds, release when the LED starts to blink
  3. Sapphire Eye will reboot and obtain its IP address from a DHCP server
  4. If there was a connection certificate, it will need to be imported again

Cannot Access Configurator, Analyzer or Sapphire EyeQ

  • Contact 7SIGNAL Support for a password reset