Incoming Webhook for Alarms

Get 7SIGNAL alarms sent to a Slack or Teams channel with these simple instructions.


  • Go to to create a new app and name it 7SIGNAL Alarms.
  • Once created, click to add the ‘Incoming Webhooks’ functionality.
  • On the Incoming Webhooks configuration page…
    • ‘Activate’ the feature by clicking the toggle switch.
    • Then click ‘Add New Webhook to Workspace’ to continue.
  • If you are logged into Slack, you will be directed to your workspace
  • Now choose the #channel where you want the alarms to appear.


Microsoft Teams

  • Navigate to the channel where you want to add the webhook and select (•••) More Options from the top navigation bar.
  • Choose Connectors from the drop-down menu and search for Incoming Webhook.
  • Select the Configure button and provide a name. 
  • The dialog window will present a unique URL that will map to the channel. Make sure that you copy and save the URL—you will need to input it into the Sapphire Configurator (see below).
  • Select the Done button. The webhook will be available in the team channel.
Teams webhook

Sapphire Configuration

  • Copy the Webhook URL from Slack or Teams
  • Then, login to the 7SIGNAL Configurator and go to…
  • Manage > Alarms > Webhook Forwarding
  • Right-click on ‘Webhook configurations’ and select ‘Add alarm webhook configuration’
  • Type in a name for the configuration then paste the Webhook URL in the field provided.
  • Check the ‘Slack webhook’ box to activate
  • Check the alarm states for which you want messages
  • Check the alarms you want to receive from the list
  • Click the ‘Test’ button, then ‘Save’ button
  • Go to your Slack channel to ensure you have received the message from 7SIGNAL.