Ports and Protocols

Mobile Eye will need Internet access. Please make sure the ports, protocols and links in the table below are available or whitelisted.

Ports and protocols

TCP/443 for HTTPS communication to the 7SIGNAL cloud 

TCP/80 for HTTP throughput testing to Sonar endpoint IP address

UDP/50000 to 50300 for VoIP testing to Sonar IP address

ICMP for ping testing


(IP addresses not provided because they periodically cycle)

https://eyeq.7signal.com    (SPA user interface)

https://login.7signal.com   (Obtain OAuth token)

https://api.7signal.com      (Obtain config, submit results)

https://downloads.7signal.com   (Auto software update)

https://janus-prod-stream-bucket.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com (Obtain config, submit results)