If you cannot see any Wi-Fi performance data in the portal, then...

  1. Upon installation the Organization ID was not entered, or was entered incorrectly.
  2. The client is in a GDPR country and a Data Processing Agreement between our organizations is not in place yet.
  3. The client cannot be geo-located, therefore 7SIGNAL assumes the device is in a GDPR country.
  4. The client is connected to a docking station and Wi-Fi is not in use.
  5. The client is connected via VPN and it “appears” as if Wi-Fi is not in use.
  6. A proxy, firewall, or DNS server is inhibiting Mobile Eye’s ability to access and
  7. The client is on a network not in the ‘Wi-Fi Networks to Test’ list on the Configuration page.
  8. Port 80 is blocked, preventing access to web pages on the Internet.

Clients “off network” will appear in the 'Client Devices' report with an entry for ‘Last Seen At’ but, no date/time entry for ‘Last Test Taken’