Mounting and Installing

These mounting instructions describe the steps for mounting Sapphire Eyes to a suspended ceiling grid. Ceiling grid clips are used on a suspended ceiling and are included in the box with each Sapphire Eye unit.

If you wish to test your Sapphire Eyes before mounting them, then please skip to the bottom of the page.

The new model 6300 with Wi-Fi 6E support is scheduled for general availability in Q1 of 2024. Assembly instructions for installing the 6300 in an Oberon NEMA enclosure may be found here.

Model 6200

You may download these instructions here.

Assembly instructions for installing the 6200 in an Oberon NEMA enclosure are here.

The Sapphire Eye 6200 comes with the mounting bracket included. It is installed on the feet of the unit, along with two ceiling T-bar rail clips.

The top arrow points to where the one foot retains the bracket with its shoulder screw slid into teardrop hole in the bracket. 

The side arrow points to the metal retention detent tab in the bracket. It will click over the retention bar in the plastic bottom 

6200 mount1

Remove the bracket from the unit in order to mount it to the wall or ceiling. Slide the bracket up until it allows the foot pads to drop through the bracket holes for removal.

One ceiling mount option may be to screw the bracket to the ceiling or a beam. Alternatively, the bracket hole pattern can be lined up with holes in a ceiling work box similar to a light fixture workbox. Here, we’ll demonstrate mounting the bracket to a drop ceiling T-Bar rail using the too included twist clips and nuts.

Install the two twist clips onto the ceiling T-Bar and tighten the screw flat head to the T-Bar as shown.

6200 mount2  6200 mount3  6200 mount4

Install the bracket onto two twist clip ¼” studs using the included ¼” hex nuts as shown.

6200 mount5

Plug in the Ethernet cable and other cables as required before installing the unit on the bracket.

Line up the four shoulder screw-feet with the four large openings in the bracket and push all four feet straight up through the large holes in the bracket.

6200 mount6

Then hold the bracket with one hand and slide the Sapphire Eye 6000 forward with the other hand so that the foot screws go into the narrower slots in the bracket teardrop holes and capture the feet in the bracket.

Verify the Retention Detent Tab on the bracket clicks over the plastic Retention Bar in the plastic housing as show in the side view close up below.

6200 mount7

After hearing it snap in place, visually verify the unit is locked in place with the Plastic Retention Bar slid past the metal Retention Tab detent.

After the unit is installed, check it is secure by pulling back on the unit to insure it is locked and in place before leaving it.

Model 2100/2200

Included with the unit are (2) standard 1” clips with mounting screws, nuts, along with securing screw and mounting bracket.


Step 1

Add two ceiling grip clips with the nuts to the mounting bracket.


Step 2

Mount the bracket to the rail and tighten it with a screwdriver and 7/16” wrench.


Step 3

Slide the Sapphire Eye unit to the mounting bracket by using the edges of the heat sink.


Step 4

Push and slide the unit gently until it locks into place with a  “snap”.


Step 5

Use the securing screw to secure unit in place.


Power and Getting on the Network

Sapphire Eyes require standard Power over Ethernet (802.3af, 15.4w) or an Ethernet plus AC power adapter. Upon plugging them in and powering them up you will see a blue blinking light on the unit.

The Sapphire Eye is configured for DHCP and will automatically connect to the Sapphire Cloud and register itself to your account, so long as is not blocked by your firewall, or TCP ports 7799 and 7800.  The connection to the cloud may be verified by a 7SIGNAL Engineer.