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Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

A connected workforce is a stronger workforce

Gain insight into wireless endpoints and connections to help your digital employees thrive.

Building value through better digital experiences

Building stronger teams through optimized digital experiences

Business is shifting to incorporate the growing remote work and work-from-anywhere movements. But even with significant investments in collaboration software, remote tools, and employees’ at-home workspaces, many management teams and operations leaders are unable to measure, let alone improve, the digital employee experience. These experience visibility gaps into Wi-Fi connections, hardware configurations, network performance and more not only result in employee productivity loss when things go awry, but also result in added strain on help desk or IT staff.

The 7SIGNAL platform is built to address those gaps and provide deeper visibility into — and better management of — the digital employee experience (DEX). 7SIGNAL’s wireless monitoring platform helps accelerate resolutions to experience issues and provides ongoing business value by improving tech benchmarking and proactive planning around business investments and employee experiences.

Finally, a solution to support digital (and remote) workers 

Remote teams are increasingly reliant on home Wi-Fi networks and digital tools to effectively perform their jobs. 7SIGNAL is a lightweight, on-device software client that provides full visibility into Wi-Fi connections and device performance, enabling swift resolution to issues and more efficient, empowering employee experiences.


IT Resolving Wi-Fi Issues

With the detailed insights provided by 7SIGNAL, IT teams can pinpoint and solve employee Wi-Fi connection and experience issues before a help desk call is made. The result is not only less friction for remote employees, but improved capacity for IT to focus on proactive, value-driven outcomes like technology and network improvements.

IT Resolving Wi-Fi Issues

Easily configure 7SIGNAL to fit your organization’s needs

Unlike other enterprise-level digital employee experience tools that require significant buy-in and deployment before proving their value to the organization, 7SIGNAL’s platform can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. Software agents or sensors quietly go to work while employees stay productive. 

Customize 7SIGNAL to fit your organization’s needs

Digital Experience Monitoring - An investment for the future

The employee endpoint and network diagnostic history provided by 7SIGNAL paints a detailed picture of digital employee experience over  a 90-day period with root cause information. These insights can offer critical information to business leaders as they make strategic decisions and investments for the organization, all while maximizing day-to-day productivity, experiences and ROI.

Digital Experience Monitoring - An investment for the future

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