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Website Accessibility | 7SIGNAL

7SIGNAL is committed to providing a website that is accessible to everyone

To further this commitment, we are using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, Level AA, which provides standards for making web content more accessible for all visitors, including people with disabilities.



In the interest of staying ahead of emerging technology, the 7SIGNAL website is tested regularly with the latest software and methodologies to maintain accessible content for all. We are committed to addressing any issues that may arise while accessing our digital content, and will readily provide assistance to those with disabilities as-needed if immediate solutions are not available. The 7SIGNAL website has been tested with assistive technology tools including screen reader software, keyboard-only functionality, color contrast and magnification software. Usability has also been tested to ensure the minimum accessibility standards are surpassed.


Do You Need Assistance?

If you are having issues accessing any information on our website, please contact us promptly at info@7signal.com. Your experience and ideas are our highest priority. No issue is too small and we welcome your feedback.



Endorsed by Ablr, an accessibility-centric company who provides multiple related services, (e.g., audits, training and consulting for all digital content), and who employs and utilizes people with disabilities, such as blindness and visually impaired.