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Wireless Engineers

Expertly manage the health of your Wi-Fi networks

100% visibility into your WLAN, LAN, WAN and endpoints


For you, Wi-Fi is mission critical.

We believe the wireless network is just as important as the wired network. 7SIGNAL is a cloud-based Wireless experience Monitoring (WNM) platform that continuously tests the wireless network for performance issues – maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI.

Digital Experience Monitoring Features

Address Wi-Fi challenges and improve performance

7SIGNAL enables network professionals to solve connection issues before users experience them and proactively manage the health of the network.


Why Use 7Signal?

Faster fixes from the outside-in

What if you could solve a wireless connection issue before a help desk call is made? With 7SIGNAL, you can. By monitoring wireless network conditions at the edges of the network where user and device experience matters most, 7SIGNAL is able to help you address connectivity challenges as they happen before the network becomes strained.

Faster fixes from the outside-in

A vendor-independent, modular solution

7SIGNAL’s platform is device and access point agnostic, allowing engineers to implement our monitoring and management solutions across any wireless network or system regardless of whether it is controller or cloud-managed. This allows for easy integration into your current network structure and flexibility when expanding, upgrading or modifying your wireless infrastructure—whether it’s on-site or remote.

A vendor-independent, modular solution

Wi-Fi visibility like never before

Go beyond access point vendor data and dashboards with a solution aimed at showcasing the true health and strength of your wireless networks. 7SIGNAL’s platform-agnostic solutions capture over 600 key performance indicators to offer insight into Wi-Fi network performance and detailed reporting on wireless coverage, congestion, interference, roaming and more. The result is a comprehensive and customizable view of your wireless environment, providing more control over your connections.

Wi-Fi visibility like never before

Greater control for a stronger Wi-Fi network

Having control over your wireless network experience requires you to be both reactive and proactive. 7SIGNAL’s platform can help you excel at both. Through customizable alerts, in-depth insights, scheduled reporting and access to our team of wireless networking experts, you’ll have more control over your Wi-Fi network than ever before—maximizing your ability to ensure network uptime, connectivity and ROI.

shutterstock_1724713912Greater control for a stronger Wi-Fi network

Support ‘work from home’ employees

Keep your remote employees connected no matter their network with 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye module. As a lightweight application for Windows, macOS and Android devices, it offers insight and control over the at-home Wi-Fi experience to make work-from-home connections stronger.

Support ‘work from home’ employees

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