Global Enterprise Case Study

"The Intelligence we get from Sapphire is incredible. When it comes to troubleshooting, it has removed a lot of guesswork from the equation."

Senior Network Engineer
Global Enterprise
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Paul C Review

"Lots of reports that different departments want, 7SIGNAL is able to provide detailed data metrics on. This helps us locate and solve many issues.

Paul C.
Wireless Engineer, Wireless Industry
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CHWC Case Study

"We're not running blind anymore. Now, we can tackle performance issues proactively, before users feel it, not after the fact."

Greg Slattery
CIO, Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers
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More data than you can shake a stick at

"It collects data. Pure and simple. But it does that 24/7 for as long as you ask it, and on all the radios it can use. It's like being on site with a packet capture tool all day and everyday."

Lee H.
Technical Architect, Information Technology and Services
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Better pinpointing of issues. 

"We were having a lot of issues with wirelessly connected devices. People tended to blame the network. The 7SIGNAL application, when we reviewed it, was outstanding. It gave us a lot of insights we had not previously had."


Network Engineer

Improved insights. 

"The data coming out of an access point may not reflect what the user's experience is. This is where 7SIGNAL comes in. We can also get a lot of in-depth, historical data from the client's perspective. This kind of insight is pretty big."


IT Director

Improved network and tools reliability. 

"It's helped improve reliability of the wireless network. We can zero in on issues and come up with solutions quicker. We can also validate usage of other tools and the data we get from those tools, which improves our overall trust that we properly understand what's going on."

Network Engineer

Enhanced ability to deploy a robust network.

"7SIGNAL helps to maintain a tuned in environment. We deploy it to our standard and are able to validate that we're seeing the numbers we would expect to see. It helps us in deploying a robust functioning network much quicker."

Wireless Engineer

Helps organizations migrate to a forward-looking office setup. 

"The fact that we can run more wirelessly saves costs on running the wire, and it makes the business more agile. We've gotten questions from customers around how we accomplish the wireless office, and I've brought up 7SIGNAL on some of those calls as well. It's the tool that we use to help us make sure that our environment is performing to the standard we expect." 

Director of IT

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