Connecting to 2019: The Best Blogs on Wireless Networking

Getting the signal on information over the past year

Technology moves at lightning speed, and 2019 went nearly as fast. Between changes to Wi-Fi networks and new technologies coming out—and vital information needed to maintain both of them—there’s a lot to unpack.

We’ve made it simpler by compiling the best of our blogs in 2019. Kick up your feet and get ready to learn more about the world of Wi-Fi, wireless networking, and wireless network monitoring:

Wireless networking basics, troubleshooting tips, and more

What Is Radio Frequency Interference?

Are These Factors Really Hurting Your Wi-Fi Performance?

What Could Go Wrong with Your Enterprise Network? A Lot

Proper AP Placement Can Vastly Improve Wi-Fi Network Connectivity

What Could Go Wrong with the Wi-Fi and Your Manufacturing Network?

Why Monitor a Wireless Network from the End-User’s Perspective?

2 Strategies You Haven’t Thought of for More Reliable Wi-Fi

Tips for Conducting Wireless Network Monitoring

How Has the IoT Changed Complex Wireless Network Management?

Should You Create a Guest Wi-Fi Network for Visitors?

Using Wireless Network Monitoring as a Design Tool

Wireless Network Monitoring and Business ROI

A Crash Course on the Basics of Wi-Fi

What is Wireless Network Monitoring?

Discovering the Hidden Sources of Wireless Interference

Are You Using These 5 Outdated Wi-Fi Practices?

Problems that Could Be Causing Your Wi-Fi Woes

5 Tips to Improve Voice Quality in a VoIP System

5 Common Myths About Wi-Fi Interference

Technology trends and industry news

Why Wi-Fi Technology Is Getting a Name Change

How AI Could Change Healthcare

Technology Moves at Light Speed. How Do You Keep Current?

What Has 2019 Meant for Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks?

Skills to Look for When Hiring a Wireless Network Engineer

The Factors Driving the Worldwide Spread of Wi-Fi

What to Expect from Wi-Fi 6 Besides Speed

The Difference Between AI and Machine Learning

Case studies

A Remote Wireless Networking Case Study

Case Studies: Successful Wi-Fi Troubleshooting in Medical Facilities

9 Mysterious Wi-Fi and Network Problems Solved – Part 1

9 Mysterious Wi-Fi and Network Problems Solved – Part 2

Hospitals and wireless networking

Causes of Co-Channel Interference in Hospitals

Why Your Hospital’s Wi-Fi Network May Be Giving You Problems

Tips for Placing Wireless Access Points in Hospitals

Have You Given Mobility the Attention It Deserves in Your Hospital?

How BYOD Impacts Device Security in Hospitals

What Could Go Wrong with Your Hospital Network?

Why Does Your Hospital WLAN Need to Support Roaming?

WLAN Woes: Why Wi-Fi Fails in Hospitals

The Critical Link Between Hospital Margins and Superior Wi-Fi Performance

The Variety of Wireless Devices in Hospitals

The Future of Wearables in Hospitals

The Hospital of Tomorrow Will Foretell the Future

The Move to EHRs: Parting with Paper is Both Welcome and Worrying. Here’s the Debate.

Trends Shaping Connected Hospitals: What Will Your Facility Connect to Next?

How Wi-Fi Monitoring Can Save Lives

When 5G Radio Goes Silent