MSPs: How to Improve a Customer-Focused Approach

As an MSP, customer satisfaction drives your business. Wireless network performance should be one of your top priorities to ensure success.

Key takeaways

  • Make sure to invest appropriately in sales and marketing
  • Put customer feedback at the forefront of planning
  • Prioritize your current customers
  • Make sure the WLAN is always performing well
  • Offer wireless network monitoring

There’s never been a better time to reevaluate the approach to customer service and support. Clients depend on their MSPs more than ever as it’s become critical to stay connected from remote locations, and companies have had to learn new technologies quickly. Troubleshooting is more challenging when workers telecommute, and you probably need to pivot to help customers get through these transitions. 

It also remains a priority to evaluate how you're finding new clients and standing out from competitors.

Here are a few ways to improve an MSP’s customer-focused approach and provide solutions for the new problems companies are likely to face.

Evaluate investments in sales and marketing—and their effectiveness

MSPs are rightly focused on IT best practices and using the latest technologies, but other business areas may be lacking. This could include marketing and sales, which are, of course, crucial to obtaining and retaining customers. 

Make sure sufficient dollars are going toward these avenues, and you're getting the most from the investments. Start tracking and assessing key marketing analytics to understand your target audiences and where they search for needed services. You can adapt messages and approaches to these specific groups rather than taking a broader, less-impactful approach. 

Prioritize feedback

Negative feedback is usually assumed to be “bad” feedback. But view any information you get from customers as a good thing—it provides real insight into how you can change. 

Ask customers for feedback and take every complaint seriously. This is crucial for showing customers you’re there for them and care about their pain points, especially when something your team is doing has caused or exacerbated an issue. Remember, the biggest differentiator among MSPs is the service level they provide. And responding to problems and complaints fast is vital. 

Obtain more feedback from customers by sending out surveys, asking for reviews, or adding an outlet for them to provide testimonials. Showing new leads a track record of happy customers establishes immense credibility.

Don’t forget about your current customers

It’s easy to prioritize finding new customers. But remember that retaining current clients can be far more valuable. It’s estimated that 40% of revenue at B2B companies comes from existing customers, but these same companies only spend 2% on customer service. Don’t underestimate the importance of nurturing current relationships.

One way to do it is to focus on improving customers’ experiences and interactions with your MSP. How can you improve the help desk? How many touchpoints do they have with you, and should they have more (or fewer)? Is your sales team communicating with current customers to encourage them to scale services? 

The key is to think of creative ways to keep clients engaged long after they sign up. It shows a commitment to their satisfaction—that you genuinely care about their experience while working with you. 

Make sure the WLAN is always up to par

Today's workforce has rapidly shifted to a remote environment. Whereas a centralized network was once the key to many functioning offices, it is now often critical for employees in vastly different locations to have reliable Wi-Fi that handles different devices. At the same time, onsite networks remain mission-critical for large organizations that still operate primarily in person. 

Making sure Wi-Fi is always up to par is perhaps the most crucial service MSPs can provide to their customers. Achieving this may require you to reevaluate SLAs so that you can provide the service level needed. 

And while implementing the latest best practices and technologies is required to ensure WLAN functions well, wireless network monitoring is the only way to ensure problems are solved before end-users notice.

Implement and offer wireless network monitoring as a service

Adding wireless network monitoring (WNM) to your MSP’s services can provide another revenue stream while improving customer uptimes and experiences.

Continuous monitoring solutions conduct regular tests, ensuring routers, access points, and devices have a stable connection. WNM platforms can quickly identify problems—often before the end-user notices—enabling you to implement proactive solutions.

This service level is crucial for organizations that cannot afford drops in service or slowdowns. Customers will be able to count on today’s most important business tools, including video conferencing, streaming, data uploads, cloud storage, and VoIP.

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