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New Pressure on IT Pros to Deliver a Great Customer Experience



You've heard it before, it's the Age of Customer Connectedness. But what does this really mean for IT departments?  If you think it means you are burdened with managing more devices on the network, then you're missing the big picture.  With the consumerization of IT comes a power shift. And this power shift necessitates an attitude shift.  If you haven't already, then as an IT professional you need to begin looking at your co-workers like customers and responding to their needs proactively and in a way that surprises and delights them.

Dare I say that rarely have IT professionals been preoccupied with the customer experience in the same way that many other business professionals are who work in front-line customer support, sales or marketing.  Delighting customers with excellent product and service experiences is how companies must differentiate in today's global marketplace.  The customer experience represents the sum total of all of interactions with a company's product or service, large and small.  As a result of companies providing outstanding customer experiences, consumers are now increasingly sensitive to poor experiences.  For IT departments within organizations and enterprises, this translates into a heightened awareness regarding the stability and reliability of  infrastructure assets, like Wi-Fi.  Therefore, IT professionals need to think differently about serving their internal customers in a way that tracks, measures and assures excellent network experiences.  If the the old adage still applies and the "customer is always right" then this includes your co-workers when it comes to peak performing IT services.

Because of the onslaught of wireless devices and BYOD, reliable, high performance Wi-Fi is the expectation and this places new demands on IT professionals.  Caught flat footed with no proactive systems in place for monitoring and measuring, IT folks are at the mercy of an insistent client base that has been conditioned by the culture to expect simplicity, ease of use and robust reliability when it comes to connecting to all the online systems they need in order to perform their jobs.  As an IT professional yourself, you too may already be placing the same expectations on your vendors. Therefore, to keep pace and even get ahead, you need new systems and new tools that provide a proactive picture of the performance of all your systems.

Systems that continually test, measure, verify and report on how users are experiencing the network is now of utmost importance because  it equips network engineers with information ahead of those dreaded complaints, which occur when network performance has reached a level where it is no longer tolerable.  Isn't it sad that we generally sit back and wait to react to our customers and only speak with them after they've come to a mental breaking point?  It shouldn't have to be this way.

If you are at a mental breaking point with regard to your Wi-Fi, then we can help. Request a free Wi-Fi consultation and let's talk about it.

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