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Time to Start Giving Upload Throughput More Respect

Sharing Digital Experiences is Part of Our Culture

I pay my Internet Service Provider for 30 Mbps of download throughput and 5 Mbps of upload throughput. But this unbalanced ratio is no longer valid in today's world. In 2017, we are not just content consumers, but we are all content creators too. Therefore, quickly uploading content is EQUALLY as important as downloading it. So it's time we demand equal rights for upload throughput from our ISPs!

For the longest time, we've been content consumers gobbling up everything in sight on the Internet. We still are, so we'll always need fast download speeds to quickly download web pages, documents, music, and videos of all kinds. But now we've entered an age where content creating and sharing makes up of the fabric of our society. It's part of the culture.

By uploading photos and videos to social networks, we communicate and connect with the world around us. So, when the connection is impeded by slow upload throughput, then our ISP has robbed us of instantly sharing the digital experience we created.

High speed Internet plans like "10 down and 1 up" don't hold water or make sense anymore. This product paradigm represents an old mental model where content creators were in the minority, which is no longer the case, and the result is poor customer experiences. Hey Comcast, Spectrum and Cox - take note! The service your providing is antiquated and inadequate. Wireless carriers aren't off the hook either. When it comes to LTE speeds, companies like Verizon and AT&T also need to upgrade their thinking.

In the B2B world, upload throughput is arguably more important than download throughput. Everyday, organizations upload exabytes of data to cloud storage facilities. Analytics engines chew it all up and spit out something condensed and meaningful.

Today's collaborative Internet choke point is with sharing content, not consuming it. So, whether you depend on fast Wi-Fi at home or at work, it's time that ISPs recognize the times and start showing upload throughput a lot more respect.