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WHITE PAPER: The Trap of 'Good Enough' Wi-Fi

Check out our latest white paper: “The Trap of 'Good Enough' Wi-Fi: Why Settling Isn't an Option.” In it, we underscore the importance of enterprise Wi-Fi optimization, provide a framework for auditing your current Wi-Fi strategy, and introduce you to the 7SIGNAL Wi-Fi optimization platform, the best insurance policy for your connectivity and infrastructure investments.

Download now: "The Trap of 'Good Enough' Wi-Fi: Why Settling Isn't an Option"

Key takeaways from the white paper:

Your Wi-Fi network is a key business asset. However, as with any asset, it requires regular maintenance to avoid depreciation.

Your business’s connectivity demands are constantly evolving. As new technologies emerge and user behavior shifts, you need to ensure that your network has the flexibility and capacity necessary to accommodate increasingly sophisticated, data-hungry use cases.

“Good enough” isn’t cheap. If you’re not regularly optimizing and improving your network, you risk sacrificing productivity, operational efficiency, workplace safety, enterprise security, customer satisfaction, and more.

CUSTOMER STORY: How much does one minute cost? A raw materials company opted to use 7SIGNAL after calculating that losing just one minute of productivity to Wi-Fi interruptions costs them anywhere from $8,000.00 to $15,000.00 USD or more.

“Good enough” for what? Your Wi-Fi network serves a particular purpose, and in order to determine whether or not optimization is necessary, you need to pin down what that purpose is, how to measure it, and what performance benchmarks are necessary for meeting your business goals.

Taking enterprise connectivity to the next level. Measure, monitor, and optimize Wi-Fi with 7SIGNAL. Protect your infrastructure and connectivity investments and ensure that your Wi-Fi network is good enough today, tomorrow, and forever.

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We’re always here to answer your Wi-Fi questions at 7SIGNAL. Our enterprise Wi-Fi optimization platform helps you plan and execute a healthier network. Contact us to learn more.

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