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7SIGNAL Adds Sama Wi-Fi to Distribution Network, Expands Market Reach into Mexico & Latin America

Sama Wi-Fi address demand for dependable Wi-Fi, sites enterprise trends in wireless network monitoring, IoT, Smart Cities and supporting remote workers.

Cleveland, OH – 7SIGNAL®, the leader in wireless network monitoring, announced today that it has added Sama Wi-Fi to its global network of distributors. The company, headquartered in Ciudad Satélite, Estado de Mexico will offer the 7SIGNAL platform to its reseller and customer base of Wireless Network Operators, Installers and System Engineers in Mexico, Latin America and The Caribbean.

The enterprise wireless local area network (WLAN) monitoring market in Mexico and Latin America is currently undergoing major change, as are companies themselves. At the heart of this development is the growing demand for dependable Wi-Fi as a result of exploding trends including the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities and supporting remove workers.  The WLAN is the starting point for the next wave of technology, globally.

“The need for continuous 24/7 monitoring of the wireless network is just as important as the wireless network itself, “said Don Cook, Chief Marketing Officer at 7SIGNAL.  “Our customers have peace-of-mind knowing 7SIGNAL is continuously monitoring the wireless network – one of the largest, and most critical investments in IT.  We compliment Cisco, Aruba, Extreme Networks, MIST, and other access point manufacturers and ensure critical devices like smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, point of sale systems, health monitoring devices, and laptops stay connected.  Global IT departments now need to support all on-campus users and remote workers.  This increased workload and responsibility does not come with additional resources which makes 7SIGNAL even more essential.”

The global 7SIGNAL distribution network includes coverage in over 80 countries around the world.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a distributor or reseller click here.

About Sama WiFi
SAMA WIFI is a distinguished DISTRIBUTOR of Wi-Fi solutions offering a wide range of specialized brands with the latest technology in the industry. It is considered as a Boutique Distributor with trained and certified staff, always offering a specialized and unique service. Its distribution channel covers the entire territory of the Caribbean and Latin America.  Education for their staff and partners is vital, that's why they are an ALC for CWNP and created their own Academy where you can find certifications, training classes, webinars, demos and more. SAMACADEMY, SAMA CREDIT, and SAMA MARKETING are its value-added business units. Learn more at www.samawifi.com.m

7SIGNAL® is a leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM). The 7SIGNAL platform is a cloud-based WNM solution that continuously tests wireless networks and identifies elusive performance issues. By taking the “outside-in” approach to monitoring 7SIGNAL has visibility into the edge of a Wi-Fi network where complex device interaction exists, and user experience matters most. The platform maximizes employee productivity, operational efficiency and network ROI. Designed for the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, healthcare systems and government agencies, the platform is currently deployed at Fortune 500 companies, hospitals and large venues globally—continuously monitoring the connectivity of more than 4 million devices. Learn more at www.7signal.com.