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7SIGNAL High-Performance Wi-Fi Client Approved for Sale in China

7SIGNAL, The Wi-Fi Performance Company, announced today product homologation for its Sapphire Eye Wi-Fi performance product in China. “The China market represents an enormous opportunity for 7SIGNAL.” stated Tom Barrett, president and CEO of 7SIGNAL. “Many of our customers have manufacturing facilities in China that depend on great Wi-Fi performance, but unfortunately, they have no visibility into Wi-Fi experiences that may be impacting productivity. Now, with 7SIGNAL, they will be able to remotely manage the wireless experience and maintain their operational efficiency."

7SIGNAL’s Sapphire Eye is a high-performance client device that monitors all aspects of the wireless experience, including connectivity, authentication, IP services and quality. A single Sapphire Eye 2100 device will provide wireless performance coverage for a large area. With its patented directional antenna array,  a single unit connects to between 4 and 8 wireless access points at -65dBm or better. In addition, the Sapphire Eye will alert network administrators when it detects a drop in wireless access point beacon availability or a spike in airtime utilization caused by congestion or interference. Sapphire Eyes also provide the ability to perform remote packet capture, which is particularly useful when managing Wi-Fi networks all over the world.

"Our customers are proactive, not reactive when managing their Wi-Fi networks," Barrett further stated. "They want an objective system that offers then an outside, honest perspective of the wireless environment, and we're happy to assist."