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7SIGNAL Launches New Connect Partner Program with Focus on Customer Success

7SIGNAL Connect Program empowers partners to differentiate themselves with Wi-Fi optimization expertise, differentiated service offerings and a focus on business value.  

Cleveland, OH7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wi-Fi optimization, today announced a revamped channel program that focuses on competencies and customer success. The new program makes it simple for the company’s channel partners to show unique value to their clients and will empower its network of over 200 partners, resellers, and distributors to expand Wi-Fi technical expertise and demonstrate core competencies with a new tiered status program which help partners stand out from their competitors.  

Starting today, 7SIGNAL’s active partners, which include, Worldwide Technology, ePlus, TD Synnex, CDW, Presidio, SHI, Insight and many more, can access the new Connect Partner Program framework with training and certifications, leader boards, badges, customer success stories, and other exclusive content.     

“We’ve rebuilt the Connect Partner Program from the ground up so that partners can focus on and demonstrate Wi-Fi optimization competencies and differentiation through an exclusive tiering system. We’re excited to get the ball rolling. This is not a re-brand, but a refactoring to a more modern program from a company that has always been partner-led,” said Sebastian Shahvandi, CEO at 7SIGNAL.  “The Connect Partner Program helps 7SIGNAL customers identify and collaborate with certified partners to optimize mission critical Wi-Fi that drive positive business outcomes. This new program underscores our commitment to a partner-first channel.” 

To become a partner or learn more about the 7SIGNAL Connect Partner Program, please visit: https://go.7signal.com/become-a-7signal-partner. 

About 7SIGNAL, Inc. 

7SIGNAL® is a leading provider of Wi-Fi optimization solutions, helping organizations improve network performance and deliver a seamless user experience. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, 7SIGNAL is committed to delivering the latest technology and best-in-class support to its customers. Learn more at www.7signal.com