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April release of 7SIGNAL solves more Wi-Fi problems and intelligently identifies root cause for poor wireless device performance

Enhancements to the 7SIGNAL Mobile EyeTM module expands Wi-Fi problem finding capabilities beyond roaming and client hardware concerns to include coverage, congestion and other radio frequency problems such as interference.

Cleveland, OH – 7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) today announced the general availability of new features in its patented Mobile Eye module.   New features, released on a monthly cadence, expand Wi-Fi problem finding capabilities which dramatically decrease mean time to resolve wired, wireless and mobile device related performance issues.  Expanded artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements and new summary dashboards list specific problems by location and client device.

“Feature requests, led by customers and industry research, make up the majority of product enhancements,” said Eric Camulli, Customer Success Officer at 7SIGNAL. “These new features give wireless engineers and network administrators unprecedented visibility into Wi-Fi problems, capturing issues in real-time and delivering reports as well as suggested fixes through our intuitive interface.”

7SIGNAL customers always enjoy free monthly upgrades for its SaaS products.  In addition to detecting devices with roaming issues, additional Mobile Eye enhancements released this month include:

  • Wi-Fi coverage issue detection, pointing to the need for additional wireless access points.
  • Congestion detection, which typically exonerates the Wi-Fi network and points to wired network related issues.
  • Interference detection, as indicated by a strong signal but low data rates.

7SIGNAL uses real intelligence to find and fix Wi-Fi issues, from the most common to the highly complex. Root cause issues 7SIGNAL can identify include Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference, coverage, drop-outs, capacity, radio resource management, RADIUS, DHCP, and bandwidth.  Click here to get a Mobile Eye demo!

7SIGNAL® is a leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring.  The 7SIGNAL platform is a cloud-based Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) solution that continuously tests the wireless network for performance issues - maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI.  The platform was designed for the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, hospitals and government agencies and is currently deployed at Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Walgreens, Microsoft and many others.   7SIGNAL continuously monitors the connectivity of over 4 million global devices.  Learn more at www.7signal.com.