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Latest Release of 7SIGNAL Reduces Wi-Fi Maintenance Costs with Real Intelligence

Enhancements to 7SIGNAL Mobile EyeTM reduce mean time to resolve Wi-Fi issues and help desk calls; Expanded artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements, new dashboards and an updated user interface (UI) map to customer requests.

Cleveland, OH –7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) today announced the general availability of its new Mobile Eye module with improved speed, scalability, real intelligence and upgrades to the architecture. New features help to align business objectives with wireless network engineer processes by reducing costs and productivity gains without the need for costly customizations, new wireless infrastructure or expensive analytics tools.

7SIGNAL customers always enjoy free monthly upgrades for its SaaS products.  Current and future product releases for the already innovative Mobile Eye module include functional and aesthetic enhancements for faster Wi-Fi ticket resolution, proactive troubleshooting for VoIP, and much more including:

  • New correlation algorithms that go beyond existing AI capabilities and use real intelligence on existing devices and network infrastructure to reduce Wi-Fi maintenance costs;
  • Improved user experience with a new no-scroll homepage dashboard that enables users to surface issues faster and spend less time running reports and clicking;
  • Wi-Fi problem notifications that alert engineers of specific wireless issues when they occur;
  • Multi-site capabilities to support diversified global operations; and
  • Business logic additions that allow continuous technology upgrades.

“Times have really changed for wireless and network engineers as well as the organizations they support,” said Russ Wagner, the company’s Chief Technology Officer.   “Reports state that up to 51% of engineers spend more than 100 hours a year on maintaining the Wi-Fi Network, 7SIGNAL cuts that time in half using real intelligence – using device and network data to determine the root cause of a wired, wireless or device related connectivity issues.”

7SIGNAL uses real intelligence to find and fix Wi-Fi issues, from the most common to the highly complex including interference, coverage, drop-outs, reliability, capacity, legacy clients, speed, access and bandwidth.  Click here to get a Mobile Eye demo!

7SIGNAL®is a leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring.  The 7SIGNAL platform is a cloud-based Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) solution that continuously tests the wireless network for performance issues - maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI.  The platform was designed for the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, hospitals and government agencies and is currently deployed at Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Walgreens, Microsoft and many others.   7SIGNAL continuously monitors the connectivity of over 4 million global devices.  Learn more at www.7signal.com.