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May release of 7SIGNAL introduces MOS for Mac and “Dark UI” for all customers

Enhancements to the 7SIGNAL Mobile Eye® module makes resolving Wi-Fi issues even easier with a newly designed information architecture, voice quality measurement features, as well as connectivity and latency problem detection.

Cleveland, OH –7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) today announced the general availability of new features in its patented Mobile Eye® module.  New features expand Wi-Fi problem finding capabilities which dramatically decrease helpdesk calls and ongoing wireless maintenance while increasing wireless access point service quality.

One of the main features added to the platform is the ability to measure voice quality through the use of a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) on macOS devices.

“In voice communication, Wi-Fi quality on wireless devices can dictate whether the experience is good or bad for the end user.  Besides a common qualitative description ‘good or bad’, MOS is a numerical method of expressing voice quality,” explains Russ Wangler, Chief Technology Officer at 7SIGNAL. “MOS will give our customers real visibility into the user experience while they communicate over the wireless network and use the data to proactively make network or device changes as needed.”

7SIGNAL customers always enjoy free monthly upgrades for its SaaS products.  Other notable feature enhancements include:

  • New high-contrast “Dark UI” for faster problem detection, less scrolling, and easier navigation.
  • Two new problem sets have been introduced that make it easy to discover connectivity and latency issues.
  • New Client Adapters Report makes it easier to see the full inventory of Wi-Fi adapters and driver versions in use.
  • New Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) graphs for macOS devices.
  • And much more!

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7SIGNAL® is a leader in enterprise wireless experience monitoring. 7SIGNAL provides a cloud-based platform that continuously monitors wireless networks and identifies elusive performance issues impacting application performance and digital experience. By taking the “outside-in” approach to monitoring 7SIGNAL has visibility into the edge of any enterprise or home Wi-Fi network where complex device interaction exists, and user experience matters most. The platform maximizes employee productivity, operational efficiency and network ROI. Sapphire Eye® and Mobile Eye® are designed for and deployed at the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, healthcare systems and government agencies. Learn more at www.7signal.com.