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Northern Kentucky’s Largest Healthcare Provider Deploys 7SIGNAL to Find & Fix Roaming & VoIP Issues

7SIGNAL resolves roaming issues with hospital workstations on wheels (WoWs), reveals firmware issues with VoIP phones and exposes upstream network congestion issues in just weeks after deployment.

Cleveland, OH – 7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise cloud Wireless Network Monitoring today announced that northern Kentucky’s largest healthcare provider has deployed the company’s Sapphire EyeTM and Mobile EyeTM modules and have quickly realized a return on investment.  The hospital is using the 7SIGNAL platform to find and fix WLAN, roaming and VoIP issues impacting end users, wireless device performance and mission critical applications including the electronic health record.

Engineers began researching solutions after the nursing staff started reporting intermittent roaming problems with some of their Windows-based workstations on wheels (WoWs) and complaining about bad call experiences on Android-based VoIP phones they depended on every day.  Frustrated by time constraints and the limitations of existing tools, engineers quickly realized they needed something more sophisticated. A solution that could proactively monitor and analyze Wi-Fi experiences from the client perspective – 7SIGNAL.

Shortly after the purchase and implementation, engineers at the 1,200-bed, 7,000-employee healthcare provider began receiving root cause information from 7SIGNAL they could act on.  Quickly solving problems that were wired, wireless or device related.

“Within a few weeks, we got eye-opening results,” said the senior wireless engineer.  “Off-the-bat we discovered some wireless adapter and Wi-Fi driver combinations on caregiver workstations performed markedly worse than others. This allowed me to work with the client services team, to improve the upgrade processes and driver standards for our fleet of WoWs and other client types.”

Quickly uncovering these issues resulted in happier end users, caregivers being able to see more patients in less time, a reduction in helpdesk calls and allowed engineers to be more strategic and proactive with Wi-Fi quality assurance.

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7SIGNAL® is a leader in enterprise cloud Wireless Network Monitoring.  Founded by wireless networking pioneers, the company delivers a platform that continuously diagnoses the stability of its clients’ Wi-Fi networks. 7SIGNAL is designed for the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, hospitals and government agencies and is currently deployed at IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, ServiceNow and many other Fortune 500 organizations and market leaders.  Learn more at www.7signal.com.