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Qolcom Teams-up with 7SIGNAL to Offer Wi-Fi Performance Management in the UK

Qolcom, a leading UK based integrator of secure wireless network and mobile device management solutions is teaming up with 7SIGNAL, the Wi-Fi Performance Company, to enhance wireless experiences for enterprises, universities and hospital systems.

7SIGNAL provides a cloud-based Wi-Fi performance management system that enables organisations, such as Sky, several British universities and OFCOM to manage the Wi-Fi user experience.

7SIGNAL software collects Wi-Fi performance data “on the edge” of Wi-Fi networks from client devices across the enterprise. Then its analytics engine presents the data as key performance indicators, giving network administrators proactive notifications and visibility into Wi-Fi network health and performance without dispatching technicians with tools. The result is significantly improved Wi-Fi baseline performance, reduced troubleshooting and lower total cost of ownership while maintaining reliable, high-performance wireless networks.

“Our solutions extend the performance of existing applications to the rapidly growing, mobile workforce,” said Qolcom Managing Director, Keith Reading. “7SIGNAL perfectly complements our strategy because of how its solution enables a more productive wireless experience.”

Qolcom solutions enhance productivity, introduce new efficiencies and accelerate business response times making certain that wireless networks and mobile devices contribute to corporate success. 7SIGNAL’s system of Wi-Fi performance management ensures that operational efficiency gains remain intact in dynamic environments.

“We’re very excited to be working with Qolcom in the UK because of their focus on mobility,” stated Tom Barrett, CEO of 7SIGNAL. “Our products are a great fit and in alignment with Qolcom’s mobile-first vision.”

About Qolcom

Qolcom is a leading UK-based integrator of secure wired and wireless networks and Enterprise Mobility Management.

Our solutions extend the power and performance of mobile devices, applications and services to the rapidly growing, mobile user base. Qolcom solutions support digital transformation, to enhance productivity and accelerate business responsiveness, and by ensuring that wireless networking and mobility contribute to operational success.

Qolcom has an outstanding track record of delivering world-class secure, managed wireless networks and EMM solutions within Enterprise and public sectors since 2005.