wireless engineers
Wireless Engineers

For you, Wi-Fi is mission critical.

We believe the wireless network is just as important at the wired network.  7SIGNAL is a cloud-based Wireless experience Monitoring (WNM) platform that continuously tests the wireless network for performance issues – maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI.

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IT teams
IT Teams

Help Your Organization Thrive

As an IT professional, your role is to ensure your organization’s technology runs smoothly whether it is hardware or software, wireless or wired. One of the biggest challenges comes in ensuring constant connection, with thousands of variables affecting how your users and devices operate. 7SIGNAL not only makes it easier to troubleshoot wireless connection issues, but also gives you the power to make your Wi-Fi networks, and the people that use them, thrive.

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Help Desk

Full Visibility to Keep Organizations Moving

Supporting an on-site and remote workforce presents a unique challenge because of the visibility and control over wireless networking environments. Network conditions can vary drastically from location to location and issues can arise in the hardware, software or wireless environment. Fortunately 7SIGNAL is here to help. By providing full visibility into wireless connectivity for users and devices, it has never been easier to diagnose and fix troubled connections and improve experiences without the need for escalation.

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device and hardware teams
Device & Hardware

Bridging the rift between hardware & networking

One of the biggest questions when troubleshooting connected devices is the need to address whether a user’s issues relate to the network or the hardware. When situations aren’t clear, finding the answer can require significant back-and-forth between teams and blame-shifting, all while end-users wait for a solution and precious time and productivity is lost. With 7SIGNAL, this need not be the case. Thanks to our patented Wi-Fi experience solutions, hardware and networking teams can come together to understand wireless device performance and keep the organization running smoothly.

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A Platform for Thriving Connections

In every business, connections are critical. They allow employees to communicate and collaborate, ensure great experiences for the people your business serves and are essential in keeping your systems, software and devices in-sync. The 7SIGNAL platform exists to ensure all those connections and the Wi-Fi networks that support them are performing exactly how your business needs them.

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