7SIGNAL Insights on New User Performance Monitoring Research

With a broad shift to remote work comes new problems.

Key takeaways

  • A leading industry research firm found that many IT teams don’t use device-level monitoring that tracks remote network performance and the user experience

Ongoing challenges for many companies include properly supporting employees who have shifted to a work-from-home environment. Organizations need new tools that allow monitoring from the perspective of remote workers’ devices and provide insights into diverse networks.

7SIGNAL was named by a leading research firm as a tool that monitors network performance at the device level. Here’s some additional insight into the problem—and why our Mobile Eye® is a possible solution.

The remote performance monitoring problem

Not many IT monitoring strategies include remote endpoint monitoring, which is required for the new normal of offsite work. Existing solutions that assess devices tend to focus on security compliance and patch management, not Wi-Fi performance or the end-user experience. 

In-house monitoring solutions and SaaS or cloud technology data center tools can’t directly monitor the performance of key applications when employees are at home. This creates a significant issue for newly remote teams and the IT staff tasked with supporting them. Connectivity and performance must be assessed, wherever an individual works and whatever equipment they use. Otherwise, many issues can’t be identified, much less resolved. 

Potential problems faced by remote employees include Wi-Fi signal strength, their internet service provider's limitations, device issues, or a throttled broadband connection. Any of these obstacles can quickly slow down or kill connectivity and thus an enterprise’s productivity.

What the Research suggests

Cloud management leaders should create detailed policies for monitoring and governance. These steps include identifying each employee’s business needs and explicitly defining the performance and monitoring benchmarks to support them. The goal should be to understand everyone’s requirements for each work setting.

As employees continue to work remotely, companies must invest in tools that deliver insight into how remote workers experience Wi-Fi connections and how their devices are performing—moment-by-moment.

Where 7SIGNAL fits in

We were named by researchers as a vendor with a performance monitoring tool that keeps close tabs on an end-user device’s Wi-Fi connectivity. Our Wireless Network Monitoring solutions include the Mobile Eye®, a SaaS application that continuously monitors user devices to track performance. 

Remote workers often use a range of equipment and applications to connect to diverse networks, and IT staff must meet this novel challenge to ensure optimal Wi-Fi performance. 7SIGNAL’s wireless network monitoring platform helps teams understand the end-user experience like never before, enabling faster, better, and more comprehensive solutions.

7SIGNAL® is a leader in enterprise wireless experience monitoring. 7SIGNAL provides a cloud-based platform that continuously monitors wireless networks and identifies elusive performance issues impacting application performance and digital experience. By taking the “outside-in” approach to monitoring, 7SIGNAL has visibility into the edge of any enterprise or home Wi-Fi network where complex device interaction exists, and user experience matters most. The platform maximizes employee productivity, operational efficiency, and network ROI. Sapphire Eye® and Mobile Eye® are designed for and deployed at the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, healthcare systems, and government agencies. Learn more at