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Mobile Eye

Keeping Devices and Users Connected with Mobile Eye

The first and only Wi-Fi performance agent for mobile devices. 


What is Mobile Eye?

Mobile Eye is an enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) application developed and patented by 7SIGNAL and is used to keep your wireless IoT and devices connected. Simply install Mobile Eye on any Windows, macOS, Linux or Android device and the application runs passive and active Wi-Fi tests 24/7 from the end user’s perspective – helping engineers, IT and end point teams monitor digital experiences and keeping applications and wireless devices performing optimally.

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Mobile Eye Screen
Wi-Fi Issues
Monitor Wi-Fi issues on any network and the digital experience of your end users from any device.
Mobile device
Compatible with laptops, scanners, VoIP phones and IoT technologies running Linux, Windows, macOS or Android
Productivity Meter
Empowering productivity, proven ROI, alerts & alarms, reduce downtime.


For users and devices that need to be connected, Mobile Eye helps ensure optimal Wi-Fi performance.

  • Poorly performing adapter and drivers
  • Roaming issues
  • Adjacent & co-channel interference with access points
  • Access point coverage
  • WLAN congestion


Multiple devices
Understand exactly what devices and users experience
Network Picture
Completely visibility into the network
Wi-Fi insights
Reporting, alerts and alarms provide insight the Wi-Fi experience
Wi-Fi Insights
User-friendly dashboard and quick access insights

Shared Devices

Mobile Eye agents can be rapidly deployed to any supported handheld picker, scanner, workstation or shared IoT device via enterprise installer, marketplace or direct download.   Agents can be set to actively monitor endpoints or be deployed in passive mode for less frequent mActive agents will immediately begin monitoring the device for problems and passive agents .

Shared Devices

Enterprise Devices

Add Mobile Eye to any existing OS imaging and deployment software inventory and the agents will proactively monitor user and digital experiences. 

Enterprise Devices

Remote Workforce

Monitoring an employee or contractor device connected to a home or coffee shop network is no problem for Mobile Eye. Agents begin scanning and local network and  immediately detect any issues the user is experiencing.

Remote Workforce

Mobile Eye: a way to help secure wireless assets

Installing Mobile Eye on devices throughout the enterprise not only provides visibility into wireless experiences, but can add another layer of insight into devices that are missing. By reporting device activity and recognizing nearby wireless networks, it can be used to discover lost or stolen assets and help pinpoint their location — giving you added peace of mind across your fleet of Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Supported Versions
Windows OS
Windows 10
Windows 11
Mac OS
Big Sur
Android OS
8 (Oreo)
and up
x86 based platforms with...
IGEL OS 10 / 11
RHEL 7 / 8
CentOS 7
Ubuntu 20 and up
Debian 10 and up

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