A large software developer worked with 7SIGNAL to enhance Wi-Fi performance and reduce wireless support calls for its remote offices. Here’s what happened.

Key takeaways

  • A software developer had poor voice quality and trouble managing wireless connectivity for numerous global offices
  • 7SIGNAL was the right vendor-agnostic solution since the firm uses Cisco products
  • Wireless Network Monitoring with the Sapphire Eye improved performance and decreased Wi-Fi support calls by 85%

A global HR software developer, named one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” engaged 7SIGNAL to provide proactive wireless network monitoring for the organization. The company has over 5,000 employees and 30 offices around the world. 

Because they continue their global growth, the company needed a better solution to troubleshoot Wi-Fi from remote locations and solve new voice quality challenges. 

The biggest wireless network challenges

One of the most significant connectivity issues for this software firm stemmed from the number of locations worldwide. It was challenging to provide IT support when there were five regional offices and 25 remote offices. Because each site depended more and more on strong Wi-Fi, any wireless connection issues were burdening the support team. Some offices were even 100% wireless.

Voice quality topped the list of issues that support was dealing with—80% of problems were related to it. The business’s remote teams rely on telecommunication tools like Skype, Webex, Sococo, Slack, and Google Meets, and many of these require strong voice quality so that business can continue as usual. Frequent voice quality issues with limited IT support in remote locations were a considerable challenge.

Why 7SIGNAL was the right solution

The lead wireless engineer at the firm recognized that a solution had to involve wireless monitoring from the user's perspective since it was challenging to solve issues with only a network view. They first considered using Cisco DNA since they depend on other Cisco tools. But this wasn’t the right solution since it would create other conflicts in the wireless infrastructure. 

The team started looking for another solution, and an individual knew about 7SIGNAL from a previous employer. The great thing they found was that 7SIGNAL is vendor-agnostic, a big benefit since using Cisco products could conflict with other monitoring platforms. The lead engineer saw how using 7SIGNAL would allow the company to extend the life of its current Wi-Fi devices while improving the user experience. 

Results with 7SIGNAL’s Wireless Network Monitoring Solution

The company deployed Sapphire Eye® sensors from 7SIGNAL at its headquarters and five regional offices. Around 30% of the firm’s workforce now reports faster and more reliable Wi-Fi with better performance management. The company hopes that soon all of its offices will be using advanced wireless network monitoring solutions. 

As far as voice quality, the client found that 7SIGNAL’s solution is the perfect answer for monitoring and troubleshooting issues while freeing up time for engineers and clients. If performance isn't high for VoIP, the IT team is notified, and the problem can be resolved quickly. 

“The beauty of 7SIGNAL is I just set the performance thresholds I want, and the platform alerts me when performance dips below those thresholds. It even points to the probable cause and remedy,” the lead wireless engineer said. “This lets us do proactive monitoring and address many problems before they affect the end-user experience.”

7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye® also provides benefits that Cisco DNA doesn’t. The Mobile Eye can be installed on laptops and mobile devices to monitor Wi-Fi performance from many different locations. Tests are continuous, and the platform alerts engineers right away when thresholds aren't being met. The firm plans to continue upgrading, though they're sticking with the Wi-Fi performance sensors for now.

"We still have a lot of remote offices to upgrade, but already we have seen an 85% reduction in Wi-Fi-related support calls,” added the lead engineer. “I know we are making a positive impact on the firm’s ability to achieve its market goals and deliver best in class solutions.”

7SIGNAL helps enterprises succeed

7SIGNAL’s Wireless Network Monitoring platform and products allow large companies like this global HR software developer to improve connectivity. 

Engineers and IT staff need a solution that will run ongoing tests and provide 24/7 data about Wi-Fi performance, including a view from the end-user’s perspective. And 7SIGNAL provides a vendor-agnostic option that enables teams to solve issues before they impair productivity.

7SIGNAL® is a leader in enterprise wireless experience monitoring. 7SIGNAL provides a cloud-based platform that continuously monitors wireless networks and identifies elusive performance issues impacting application performance and digital experience. By taking the “outside-in” approach to monitoring, 7SIGNAL has visibility into the edge of any enterprise or home Wi-Fi network where complex device interaction exists, and user experience matters most. The platform maximizes employee productivity, operational efficiency, and network ROI. Sapphire Eye® and Mobile Eye® are designed for and deployed at the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, healthcare systems, and government agencies. Learn more at www.7signal.com.