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7SIGNAL Announces General Availability of Google TV Agent

7SIGNAL now optimizes Wi-Fi in consumer environments including homes, hotel rooms and other locations where cable, satellite and over-the-air television systems are used. Available in the Google Play store, the SaaS agent can eliminate the need to roll trucks, shorten helpdesk calls, and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 59% or more. 

Cleveland, OH – 7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wi-Fi optimization, today announced the release of its Google TV set top box (STB) agent. The agent, which is available in the Google Play store, is designed to optimize consumer Wi-Fi for ISPs, IAPs and other professionally managed and supported environments including home and hospitality.

The Agent is developed for enterprise level control, governance, and deployment from Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms, in the future, the platform will provide direct consumer messaging for faster remediation, in support of company’s vision which is to reduce the human interaction required to solve Wi-Fi problems. A free enterprise trial is available, here.

This innovative software agent (known as Mobile Eye) and the SaaS powered 7SIGNAL enterprise dashboard are designed to optimize Wi-Fi in consumer environments including homes, hotel rooms and other environments where cable, satellite and over-the-air television systems are used providing visibility into the consumer digital experience. Proven by IDC research to reduce network MTTR by over 59% in the enterprise, 7SIGNAL expands capabilities beyond enterprise endpoint use cases such as laptops, mobility, robotics and other IoT and into the consumer-based environments for the first time.

“The set top box (STB) market was valued at over $23.9 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand well into the future according to analysts like Grand View Research,” said Don Cook, Chief Marketing Officer at 7SIGNAL. “STBs are growing in popularity because as they offer features like personalized experiences, a large app ecosystem, and even video conferencing. Now that multiple connectivity options are available including Wi-Fi, 7SIGNAL can keep these devices streaming while monitoring consumer digital experiences.

For more information about the 7SIGNAL platform, click here.

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