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7SIGNAL Introduces Groundbreaking Wi-Fi Experience Score for Enhanced Digital Experience Monitoring and Management

Patent-pending 7MCSTM score within Mobile Eye® allows IT and network teams to monitor endpoint connectivity problems more efficiently by automating and simplifying the analysis of complex Wi-Fi health standards.


CLEVELAND, Ohio, June 22, 2021 7SIGNAL®, the leader in wireless experience monitoring, has developed a universal, cross-platform innovation called 7MCS: A metric that measures the quality of a Wi-Fi connection based on the unique capabilities of any Windows, MacOS, Android and Linux device.

Using the 7MCS wireless experience score, network and IT teams can eradicate the use of inefficient Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools and deploy a monitoring solution that saves time and resources. The revolutionary metric gives users the universal capability to accurately pinpoint connectivity issues, using predictive analytics to determine whether the endpoint will deliver an adequate wireless experience. Furthermore, the groundbreaking score factors in each client’s unique capabilities, using elements such as device age and maximum performance potential.

“7MCS finally levels the playing field for Wi-Fi engineers and IT personnel,” said Jim Vajda, Vice President and Chief Wireless Officer at 7SIGNAL. “Devices on an enterprise network can be as different as a brand-new sports car and a 60-year-old pickup truck: The capabilities and performance expectations are completely different. IT teams are left with determining whether the Wi-Fi connection is a culprit, or the device is simply operating at its maximum capacity. 7MCS determines, cross-platform, whether a user is having a ‘good’ Wi-Fi experience based on an individual device’s expected performance.”

The existing Modulation Coding Scheme (MCS) index, a measure of various Wi-Fi connectivity metrics, provides engineers with a zero to eleven (0-11) score when evaluating wireless experience. However, it has historically faced a detrimental blind spot with Windows devices. 7MCS provides previously unavailable insight into connectivity of Windows devices, while also considering the unique capabilities of the individual device with real intelligence for a more comprehensive data point.

“The speed and performance of devices have ranged so greatly that, before now, it was difficult to accurately judge the quality of Wi-Fi capabilities—a bane of enterprise IT teams,” said Simon Renouf, Vice President of Product at 7SIGNAL. “Now, with the 7MCS score, engineers can get an accurate picture of a specific device’s wireless experience potential and solve connectivity issues much faster.”

The 7MCS wireless experience score is part of the June 2021 release of Mobile Eye and will be accessible by all current subscribers upon its release.


7SIGNAL® is the leader in wireless experience monitoring, providing insight into wireless networks and control over Wi-Fi performance so businesses and organizations can thrive. Our cloud-based wireless network monitoring platform continually tests and measures Wi-Fi performance at the edges of the network, enabling fast solutions to digital experience issues and stronger connections for mission-critical users, devices and applications. Learn more at www.7signal.com.