Case Study

Florida Blue uses 7SIGNAL to Optimize Wi-Fi User Experience

The Problem

Wi-Fi at Florida Blue began as an employee convenience, never a strategic corporate resource, and remained so for a very long time. In the highly regulated world of healthcare insurance, cybersecurity is paramount, and such caution toward Wi-Fi and personal mobile devices is quite the norm. But with growing demands from the retail division and from executive users, by 2017 the security-conscious IT team cautiously embraced corporate Wi-Fi, and began to issue corporate laptops, iPads and iPhones to executives and other managers. Still personal devices remain limited to Guest SSIDs with no access to corporate data or services, only a throttled lifeline to the Internet.


The Solution

Enter Michael Workman, a Wireless Network Engineer with 17 years of experience in Wi-Fi. With 600 APs across the 7-building Deerwood Campus, plus 300 more in 30+ regional offices and neighborhood centers, there is a lot to manage. The team needed visibility of the user experience and 7SIGNAL’s Sapphire EyeTM provided it from every angle. 7SIGNAL’s Sapphire Eye sensors were first implemented to troubleshoot sluggish Wi-Fi complaints at a regional center. The product quickly showed a return. Because Sapphire Eye monitors both the wired and wireless networks, the root cause turned out to be the broadband connection.

“We badly needed this level of visibility,” said Workman. With almost 100 Sapphire Eye sensors now in service, the network team can see into every corner of the facility and pinpoint problematic clients with ease. With settings to trigger alerts if any performance metrics deviate from pre-defined thresholds, Workman can go about his day, confident users are getting a great experience. The Florida Blue IT team has also rolled out 7SIGNAL’s Mobile EyeTM agent which gathers performance data from end user’s mobile devices as they roam through the campus. For now, Mobile Eye holds most promise for the service desk. Support staff can ask users to download it troubleshoot their Wi-Fi performance on the spot.

"Wi-Fi doesn't run itself! It must be monitored and managed. 7SIGNAL makes that easy."
Michael Workman
Wireless Network Engineer

The Results

Using the 7SIGNAL platform alongside other tools including one of his personal favorites: controller debug traces, Michael Workman has successfully isolated and solved all manner of Wi-Fi issues. From dropped sessions, roaming between meeting rooms, to ensuring wireless performance is beyond expectations at new sites. “7SIGNAL gets to the root cause of wired and wireless issues quickly which allows me to stay on task with more strategic projects,” added Workman. “If I had all the time in the world, could I solve all issues with the Wi-Fi. But with 7SIGNAL, I can triangulate the problem and solve it in one tenth the time. Sapphire Eye provides a better visualization of the user experience than any other tool.”

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