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Case Study

How 7SIGNAL's Mobile Eye is Providing More Wireless Network Visibility to IGEL Users


The Problem

It’s no surprise that more and more companies are opting for remote workforces, especially since the pandemic. According to an estimate from Global Workplace Analytics, 56% of the workforce, not including self-employed individuals, can perform their jobs remotely. 

With an increase in organizations opting for a remote work environment, connectivity is more important than ever. Cloud workspaces and remote desktops, like IGEL, rely on Wi-Fi to save time and money, and to increase productivity. 

The importance of connectivity for remote workspaces

Supplying your remote workforce with the right technology can transform the way your business operates. A purpose-built virtual environment will support a vast amount of remote display protocols and technology integrations. 

Companies use cloud workspaces and remote desktops, such as IGEL, to: 

  • Manage endpoints easily
  • Reduce costs
  • Keep systems secure
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Enhance user experience




Once your workforce is set up with the right cloud workspace, you can focus on other opportunities to keep productivity up and reduce wireless network downtime. The best way to do this is through endpoint monitoring. 

What is endpoint monitoring and why does it matter? 

Endpoint monitoring is a solution that grants network engineers visibility to Wi-Fi connectivity of remote workers and their devices. This information allows engineering teams to monitor and track activity, performance, and of course issues, on all mobile devices within the wireless network. 

In order to extract and analyze this information, a Wi-Fi monitoring tool or software must be installed on the endpoints within the cloud workspace.  Having this information is critical for Wi-Fi engineers to identify, understand, and resolve issues before they arise. 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye is patented software that is used to perform this necessary analysis and will help keep your endpoints up and running. 

The Solution

How can a Wi-Fi monitoring tool help your remote workforce?

Mobile Eye is a patented SaaS (Software as a Service) application used to keep wireless IoT and devices connected. Functional on any Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android device, once installed, the app runs Wi-Fi tests to keep wireless engineers and IT teams informed about the digital experience endpoint users are receiving. The information received through 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye equips engineers with the tools they need to keep applications and devices operating and optimal performance. 



How Mobile Eye is a complement to existing systems

Mobile Eye is the first — and only — endpoint Wi-Fi performance agent. The software is a complement, rather than a replacement, to existing software and takes a unique “outside-in” approach to digital experience monitoring. When you add the application to IGEL or another cloud workspace, you will have 100% visibility of Wi-Fi network connectivity for all devices and endpoints. The software silently monitors wireless network performance and connectivity 24/7 and delivers real-time data to IT teams and Wi-Fi engineers to resolve issues quickly and keep teams connected.

Some common problems Mobile Eye helps identify and solve include:

  • Roaming problems
  • Low adapter and driver performance
  • Interference issues
  • WLAN congestion
  • Access point coverage issues



Data collected by the Mobile Eye software is uploaded to the cloud, which allows for wireless network engineering teams a comprehensive view of performance and connectivity from the outside in. The Wi-Fi monitoring tool delivers data to an easy-to-use dashboard so engineers can see top-priority information first. 

Why should you consider Wi-Fi monitoring software for your remote workforce?

Leveraging 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye is helping to improve Wi-Fi connections and the digital experience of all end users. That means more productivity and less downtime so that your business can hit its goals. But, don’t just take our word for it. Our software is backed by IDC research

A quick snapshot of some of IDC Research findings: 

  • 670% 3-year ROI
  • 32% more efficient networking teams
  • 59% reduced time to troubleshoot networks 

Understanding that your remote workforce relies on Wi-Fi network connectivity is step one. Now, it’s time to equip your Wi-Fi engineers and IT professionals with the software they need to keep your team online. 

Wondering if Mobile Eye is right for your organization? Complete this analysis to see the value that Mobile Eye from 7SIGNAL could bring to your remote workforce.

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