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7SIGNAL Helps a Large Investment Management Firm Tackle Poor Wi-Fi

Faced with numerous WLAN issues, the firm deployed 7SIGNAL’s sensors to gain visibility and improve performance.

Key takeaways:

  • A large UK-based investment management firm had enough of bad Wi-Fi and turned to 7SIGNAL for greater visibility, integrating both the Sapphire Eye® and Mobile Eye® platforms.
  • Common issues for enterprise offices include interference and connectivity drops—with no visibility to find the root cause of problems.
  • 7SIGNAL’s solutions help companies increase visibility, stay proactive against issues, and ensure strong Wi-Fi across diverse locations.

7SIGNAL’s platforms continue to make significant impacts in a range of industries that depend on consistent, high-quality Wi-Fi. Enterprise offices have growing WLAN needs since they have many new devices entering a network area and may have multiple locations to manage around the globe.

One international investment management firm based in the UK experienced increasingly poor Wi-Fi. The company needed better performance for critical business functions in its dispersed corporate offices in the UK and US. This firm is a large-scale independent private partnership with a sharp focus on servicing diverse clients. It manages and advises over £350 billion ($395 billion) in specialist equity, fixed income, and multi-asset portfolios for clients across the globe.

This firm depends on Wi-Fi as its primary connectivity medium, and poor WLAN performance started causing issues in critical business areas and its headquarters offices. After researching the best monitoring solutions, company leaders turned to 7SIGNAL’s Sapphire Eye and Mobile Eye to address these problems. 

The firm purchased 29 Sapphire Eye sensors and the associated onboarding package for its UK headquarters, and 100 Mobile Eyes will be deployed on Windows and Android devices for an extended trial period. Network managers now have visibility like never before—so they can address connectivity and performance issues with real solutions.

Common issues for enterprise office environments

Today’s offices require high-performing Wi-Fi to keep business moving and growing. However, problems that risk productivity often arise.

Connectivity drops, slow or inconsistent performance of essential, high-bandwidth activities like videoconferencing, and failing to uncover the root cause of problems are common in modern office environments. Excessive interference, including noise from surrounding networks and devices, and poor access point (AP) placement are often the culprits in these settings. 

It's also common for end-users to have minor hiccups here and there but not call the help desk for assistance, simply tolerating problems. But these small issues still result in frustration and productivity loss. And often, minor troubles become bigger ones as the number and diversity of devices and their bandwidth-intensive software requirements continue to expand. 

When companies have multiple locations, it can also be challenging to ensure Wi-Fi works consistently at each one. Sensors should be deployed in key areas, so there’s always visibility into how devices are experiencing the connection. 

The 7SIGNAL difference

The Sapphire Eye and Mobile Eye from 7SIGNAL provide network managers with consistent data, key metrics, and efficient reporting that show precisely what's going on in an office WLAN at a given time. These platforms help IT teams address Wi-Fi issues proactively instead of reactively—quickly enough that end users often don’t even notice a decline in performance. 

Try out this quick online assessment to see the possible value of wireless network monitoring for your organization. It estimates the ROI that 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye could achieve in your corporate offices.

7SIGNAL® is the leader in wireless experience monitoring, providing insight into wireless networks and control over Wi-Fi performance so businesses and organizations can thrive. Our cloud-based wireless network monitoring platform continually tests and measures Wi-Fi performance at the edges of the network, enabling fast solutions to digital experience issues and stronger connections for mission-critical users, devices, and applications. Learn more at www.7signal.com.