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The Secret to Improving the Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Strengthening DEX includes supporting a remote workforce — and enterprises use 7SIGNAL’s home Wi-Fi monitoring solutions to help them do it 

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Keeping remote workers connected and ensuring optimal productivity are essential components of the digital employee experience (DEX), which modern companies must prioritize. Remote work is here to stay, and many people want to work for organizations that prioritize flexibility and employee satisfaction.

This post reviews DEX and how it relates to remote Wi-Fi. We also touch on how enterprises can use 7SIGNAL’s products to monitor home Wi-Fi and why Gartner recognized us as an endpoint monitoring technology in its Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring, which helps companies find solutions to manage remote workforces.

What is DEX?

Companies have long known about the importance of the employee experience: their engagement at work, satisfaction with the company, and perception of interactions with company leadership and staff. Unfortunately, Gartner research found that just 13% of employees reported that their employee experience satisfaction expectations were fully met, meaning there’s still a lot of work to do.

Today, these experiences are made more complex by online culture and work environments, which led to the concept of the digital employee experience (DEX). According to Gartner, half of all IT organizations will have an established DEX strategy by 2025.

DEX is concerned with employee tools and considerations like:

  • Technologies used to collaborate with others
  • Digital platforms for communication
  • Data access
  • Integration of software and applications

Tools that support DEX also involve monitoring the remote worker’s experience and gathering data from this end-user’s perspective. And since staying connected is a must when people are working from home, Wi-Fi monitoring should be incorporated into a DEX strategy.

How DEX plays into company success when workers are remote

Employees are working remotely more than ever before, and that means that the digital tools offered to them must play nice with home devices and networks. If an employee’s home Wi-Fi can’t support the applications they use for work, and they experience numerous issues, DEX will suffer.

Workers need consistent access to cloud-based platforms, including CRM, data management, document preparation, project collaboration, progress tracking, time and attendance tracking, benefits administration, and customer service communication software platforms, among many others. 

The key is to invest in technologies that allow employees to seamlessly do crucial tasks from a remote location, especially given the ongoing demand for virtual work after the pandemic. Pew Research found that 60% of employees who could do their jobs from home during lockdowns said they would prefer to continue working remotely all or most of the time.

Flexibility and embracing cloud-based tools will remain paramount in ensuring employees have what they need to stay productive and satisfied.

How to plan for DEX in networking

Connectivity plays a major role in how satisfied employees are with their work-from-home experience. They don't want to be dealing with Wi-Fi problems all day while trying to stay productive, a situation that can effectively ruin the digital employee experience. 

What can you do to improve employees’ experiences with home Wi-Fi? One of the most effective steps is to start monitoring your employees’ home Wi-Fi performance. This can be done through a solution that tells you exactly what's going on with both devices and their interactions with different networks, helping you assist employees in resolving problems and maintaining strong connections.

Key Wi-Fi metrics to monitor for better DEX include:

  • Client MCS     
  • Coverage
  • Congestion
  • Interference     
  • Packet loss and latency

It’s also valuable to assist employees in making decisions about their Wi-Fi, including tips on their specific devices and what kind of bandwidth and services they need to support work-critical applications.

Nevertheless, Wi-Fi monitoring remains crucial. And doing it right requires consistent visibility into how employees experience their home networks. Mobile Eye® from 7SIGNAL is a Software as a Service application that you can install on onsite or remote employee devices to assess Wi-Fi performance on a range of networks. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and IGEL Linux equipment and runs continuous passive and active tests of Wi-Fi performance from the end-user’s perspective.

7SIGNAL is your DEX monitoring partner

7SIGNAL provides wireless experience monitoring solutions, including the Mobile Eye for remote connections and Sapphire Eye®, a solution that enables enterprises to monitor onsite network performance. Our platforms empower network managers, providing them with continuous visibility and vastly quicker issue identification and resolution. 

This is why 7SIGNAL was recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring report as a Representative Vendor in the Endpoint Monitoring Technologies section. 

Gartner recognized that the pandemic caused a greater need for endpoint monitoring tools so that leaders could get a better grasp on the new remote-work normal. When the pandemic first caused work disruptions, “IT organizations struggled to gain visibility into the end-user experience.” 

Fortunately, 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye ensures that organizations always know how their remote employees are experiencing Wi-Fi to ensure productivity and an improved DEX.

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7SIGNAL® is the leader in wireless experience monitoring, providing insight into wireless networks and control over Wi-Fi performance so businesses and organizations can thrive. Our cloud-based wireless network monitoring platform continually tests and measures Wi-Fi performance at the edges of the network, enabling fast solutions to digital experience issues and stronger connections for mission-critical users, devices, and applications. Learn more at www.7signal.com.