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Why Airport Wi-Fi Connectivity Is Vital for the Traveler Experience

Considering most people like to live on the go, whether for business or pleasure, a strong and consistent Wi-Fi connection is at the top of their list of necessities.

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No matter where you are in the world, working in the travel business can come with a long list of challenges. The top priority, of course, is customer satisfaction, and a big part of that relies on a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

People will undoubtedly use it for things like work, social media, or connecting with loved ones. If the Wi-Fi connection isn’t reliable, this will cause a decent amount of frustration which can lead to poor reviews for the airport, and these travelers may pick a different travel hub in the future. 

To ensure every area in an airport carries a strong Wi-Fi signal, you might need the help of a few tools. This guide will outline everything you may require to stay connected while you travel.

Why do travelers find Wi-Fi so crucial?

With how smartphone and computer technology have developed over the years, people are more connected than ever. Now that it’s so easy to stay in touch with one another, people are sending constant text messages and emails and posting on various social apps.

Outside of a cell signal, most people rely on an internet connection to contact coworkers, browse the internet, and keep their family and friends updated. Moreover, people from all over the world are traveling more than ever, which has imposed some modern demands on the airport business – one of which is a reliable Wi-Fi connection in every area.

How Wi-Fi benefits the traveler experience

Whether people use it for work or personal reasons, many find Wi-Fi access essential at every stop during their travels. More often than not, the quality of airport connectivity affects travelers in more ways than one. It benefits the customer experience and internal logistics of running such as business, and you can find a brief list of these benefits below.

Benefits of Wi-Fi for any airport:

  • Customers can check in for flights remotely
  • They can handle remote work from the comfort of an airline lounge or open space
  • Travelers can stay in touch with family and friends at every destination
  • Request traveler services with the tap of a button
  • Make changes to their flights and reservations, and even search for restaurants and bars to visit while they wait

An airport network must also be able to manage a large number of people without fluctuation so that each person encounters the same fluid experience as the next. This requires strong connectivity, reliable service for every area, and network security that doesn’t leave commuters compromised.

Wi-Fi is crucial for airports as they generally go hand-in-hand with many other traveler services. A reliable Wi-Fi signal is expected at every step of travel, especially when spending time in an airport. Overall, the network engineers who help manage this aspect of the traveler experience must have the solutions they need to keep Wi-Fi up and running.

Improving Wi-Fi connectivity for travelers

Managing a Wi-Fi connection for an airport isn’t necessarily the same as it would be for your home. Airport networks can be pretty complex, especially when you want to ensure that each area offers the same reliability. This is one way you’ll be able to keep everyone happy during their commute and see them return in the future.

Improving the overall connectivity for each person considers several factors, and you’ll need some help to ensure it remains consistent across the board. There are a handful of roadblocks you could encounter that affect the commuters’ Wi-Fi experience, which we’ve laid out below.

Issues that negatively impact Wi-Fi connectivity:

  • User volume on the network
  • Interference from the physical environment, such as walls and doors
  • A poor ISP
  • Too much distance between the device and the router
  • Unmanaged network issues

Having a team of network engineers is more critical than ever, but if they don’t have the tools they need, the travel industry will continue to run into the same Wi-Fi issues over and over. The need for a reliable Wi-Fi connection is becoming more prevalent among travelers, and the data speaks for itself.

Increasing Wi-Fi demands in the high-density travel industry

Each year, more people realize the need for a Wi-Fi signal during their travels. It’s vital for people to stay on top of their work and to let loved ones know that those traveling are safe and sound at every destination. It’s also beneficial for those in a foreign location who need immediate access to a wide variety of accommodations, such as sourcing transportation, hotels, food, and more.

At this point, it’s a bare necessity for nearly everyone commuting through an airport. It really comes down to two essential points: People want to be able to work on the go and stay connected with the people they care about most during their travels.

Managing your network’s capabilities with the help of 7SIGNAL

We offer an array of solutions that deliver a passive and active view of a Wi-Fi network to ensure optimal runtime at every hour of the day. Catered toward network engineers and administrative employees who are paramount to the customer’s Wi-Fi experience, 7SIGNAL offers solutions that help you manage your Wi-Fi network and the devices connected to it.

Our tools offer a multi-faceted approach that network engineers can use to their advantage, each with its own particular benefits. No matter what aspect of your Wi-Fi network needs help, we have everything you might need to ensure the airport network security and connectivity continues to be reliable.

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Mobile Eye®

This enterprise SaaS application focuses on keeping wireless IoT and devices connected at all times. Great for monitoring Wi-Fi issues across multiple networks, it’s compatible with scanners, laptops, VoIP phones, and more.

This is a brief look at the benefits of what can come from working with us at 7SIGNAL. If you’re looking to refine the Wi-Fi experience for travelers, contact the 7SIGNAL team today to see how we can help.

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