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Terex Corporation Upgrades WLAN Problem-Solving with 7SIGNAL

Terex Europe was experiencing Wi-Fi issues at several key warehouses. The large manufacturer has deployed Mobile Eye® and Sapphire Eye® to identify root causes and enable fast solutions.

Key takeaways:

  • Terex Europe manufactures aerial work platforms and materials processing machinery that support a range of industries, including construction, energy, and manufacturing.
  • In some of its warehouses, the company experienced Wi-Fi problems that affected equipment connectivity and workflows.
  • Terex has deployed 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye® and Sapphire Eye® to assess the issues and enable solutions.
  • Common challenges faced by manufacturing companies include interference, roaming issues, poor AP placement or misconfiguration, and device congestion.

International manufacturer Terex Europe designs, builds, and supports products used in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, energy, minerals, and materials management applications. The company is part of a larger global manufacturing group that builds and delivers aerial work platforms and materials processing machinery manufactured in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Terex started to experience significant Wi-Fi issues in its Northern Ireland warehouse and another European facility. As a result, the company deployed 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye on Windows laptops and HP scanners, along with Sapphire Eye at key warehouses. These solutions provide the visibility needed to identify and address WLAN challenges and enable consistent performance.

Common Wi-Fi challenges for manufacturers 

Manufacturers need to focus on maximizing productivity and quality, not whether or not the Wi-Fi is working. Achieving this goal means a wireless network that can continuously support all necessary applications and devices dependent on a stable connection. From handheld scanners to collaborative robots, warehouses and other industrial spaces now rely on a wide range of IoT technology to complete critical workflows.

However, many common Wi-Fi challenges can impair network performance in manufacturing companies, including:

  • High-density areas where many different devices try to connect 
  • Advanced applications that require a significant bandwidth
  • Roaming issues impairing the connectivity of mobile devices
  • Structural materials and machinery — primarily metal — that cause interference
  • Poor access point placement or configuration that results in spotty coverage 

Modern industrial floors require seamless, continuous Wi-Fi without interruptions. Otherwise, there will be lags in updating real-time product, order, and inventory information that teams rely on to keep productivity moving and schedules on time. Unfortunately, many network managers lack detailed visibility into the root cause of WLAN issues and how individual clients experience connections.

How 7SIGNAL improves manufacturing W-Fi

7SIGNAL knows how much can be lost when you don't have a reliable connection. Scanners, pickers, workstations on wheels, and more floor devices rely on the network to gather and update minute-by-minute data to fulfill orders and complete mission-critical tasks. But without knowing the precise cause of a connectivity issue — whether it involves a client, software platform, ISP, AP configuration, or other network infrastructure — problems are often difficult or impossible to solve. 

7SIGNAL provides this crucial visibility. Our solutions assess what’s happening at the edge of the network from the client’s perspective, measuring over 600 KPIs that show how devices experience connections. Our wireless experience monitoring platforms enable network managers to quickly uncover root causes and solve issues. 

Learn more about how 7SIGNAL helps manufacturers maintain connections and win the battle between operating costs and profits.

7SIGNAL® is the leader in wireless experience monitoring, providing insight into wireless networks and control over Wi-Fi performance so businesses and organizations can thrive. Our cloud-based wireless network monitoring platform continually tests and measures Wi-Fi performance at the edges of the network, enabling fast solutions to digital experience issues and stronger connections for mission-critical users, devices, and applications. Learn more at www.7signal.com.