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7SIGNAL Assists a Large Healthcare Tech Company with Performance Validation

7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye® and Sapphire Eye® provide the visibility necessary to validate system performance.

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A respected information technology service provider whose products are used in tens of thousands of healthcare facilities around the globe has deployed 7SIGNAL's wireless network monitoring solutions. This company provides EHR technologies to healthcare organizations that integrate people, information, and systems — solutions that meet healthcare organizations' technology, clinical, financial, and operational needs.

7SIGNAL connected with the company’s installation validation team late last year, though they had already tested our Sapphire Eye in a demo environment. The installation validation team is responsible for product delivery and quality assurance, ensuring that tech products and integrations run smoothly.

Earlier this year, the company purchased 300 Mobile Eye licenses from 7SIGNAL. The platform was placed on workstations on wheels (WoWs), crash carts, and other mobile devices that use the organization’s EMR. The company also deployed five Sapphire Eye licenses to monitor the experience of guest devices and conduct general performance monitoring.

Common network problems for IT and healthcare companies

Tech companies need robust and reliable Wi-Fi connections to maintain operations and serve customers effectively, particularly while validating their network-dependent solutions. In this company’s case, the installation validation team must ensure that WoWs and all other mobile devices work properly with its EHR system, which relies on maintaining consistent network performance while effectively troubleshooting any device- or application-specific issues.

Companies that provide IT solutions for healthcare providers must also proactively account for common connectivity issues in these settings that can impair real-world performance, including:

  • Ensuring mobile WOWs that access the EHR have consistent, robust wireless connections that enable efficient access to and input of information.
  • Accounting for roaming issues in WOWs and other mobile healthcare devices, which often run into challenges seamlessly moving between access points (AP). 
  • Handling a wide variety and high quantity of devices competing for APs within a network coverage area, including health-monitoring wearables, patients' and guests’ smartphones, standard computers, and other connected medical equipment.

IT providers must validate and potentially improve system performance as solutions are deployed in healthcare settings. Granular visibility of how crucial devices and the network interact is necessary to ensure this technology works as intended.

How 7SIGNAL opens up performance validation

7SIGNAL’s Sapphire Eye and Mobile Eye help organizations assess and validate performance at the client level, not just from an infrastructure perspective. Our sensors help network engineers uncover the root causes of issues and create a holistic picture of Wi-Fi performance on devices at any given moment. These detailed insights are crucial for validating system performance — identifying any network, device, and application issues that may get in the way of a successful deployment.

Contact us to learn more about the applications and benefits of our platforms. You can also try out this quick online assessment from IDC to estimate the ROI that 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye® could achieve for your organization.


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