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7SIGNAL Expands Endpoint Monitoring Capabilities Beyond Wi-Fi Connectivity

Monitoring the digital user experiences of an estimated 20 million endpoints worldwide, the 7SIGNAL platform broadens its visibility beyond WLAN and connectivity by adding device performance metrics including CPU and Memory KPIs. Addressing I&O vulnerability challenges.

LAS VEGAS / CISCOLIVE – 7SIGNAL, the leader in enterprise wireless experience monitoring, announced today that the company’s June 2022 release will empower customers with deeper visibility into the digital experiences of endpoints and will include CPU performance and memory utilization key performance indicators. The 7SIGNAL platform monitors an estimated 20 million endpoints on thousands of enterprise networks and “work from anywhere” (WFA) locations around the world.

The new features are found within the Mobile Eye® module of the platform and provide I&O leaders with a solution to mitigate risk and support customer and employee digital experiences (DEX). The Digital Experience Monitoring market is now estimated to be worth over $2 billion, globally and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.9% from 2022 to 2028.

“These new Mobile Eye updates will allow IT Teams to monitor and mitigate digital experience problems caused by limited or overburdened endpoint system resources. This further extends visibility and insight into end-user digital experiences to cover endpoint systems more fully in addition to the WLAN, the network and end-to-end application performance,” said Simon Renouf, VP of Product, Services and Support at 7SIGNAL. “Future Mobile Eye enhancements will include additional system KPIs, such AS battery life, power state, network interfaces, disk utilization and more.”

Other June product enhancements include:

  • Windows, MacOS and Android agent updates for Mobile Eye
  • Wi-Fi 6 KPI support for Sapphire Eye®

7SIGNAL is recognized in Gartner’s Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Market Guide and was named one of America’s fasting growing private companies by Inc. 5,000. Download the Gartner DEM market guide, here.



7SIGNAL® is a leader in enterprise cloud Wi-Fi performance management. Founded by wireless networking pioneers, the company delivers applications that continuously monitor the stability of its clients’ Wi-Fi networks in order to mitigate risk. The 7SIGNAL platform is designed for the world’s most innovative organizations, educational institutions, hospitals and government agencies and are currently deployed at IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Nike and other Fortune 500 companies.   7SIGNAL continuously monitors the connectivity of an estimated 20 million global devices. Learn more at www.7signal.com.